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Blaine House Backpack Program


Blaine realized he wanted to become a teacher after tutoring fellow classmates while he himself was a student.

To honor his dedication, Raising the House works with the Palmerton school district to assist in providing backpacks to students. Over the years, the contents of these backpacks has covered a variety of items, including school supplies, sanitary products, and healthy and
non-perishable foods.

To date, Raising the House has supplied backpacks to over 100 students.

Donations are always welcome! Suggested donations include:

  • Instant oatmeal individual packets

  • Individual fruit in juice cups

  • Boxes of pasta

  • Individual vegetable cups

  • Single-serving macaroni and cheese cups

  • Chocolate chip granola bars

  • Individual snack packs - i.e. pretzels, crackers 

Please contact the Blaine House Backpack Program Chair, Tammy House, at for more info.

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